.....Delta Power Electronics Laboratory, Inc. (DPEL) was founded in 1989 as the Advanced Research and Development unit of Delta Electronics, Inc., Taiwan. From 1989 until 1998, DPEL was located in the Corporate Research Center of Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. In July 1998, DPEL was moved to Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, where it became a part of Delta Products Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of Delta Electronics, Inc.

.....The primary mission of DPEL is the development of advanced power conversion technologies aimed at assuring the continuation of Delta's technological competence, as well as the preservation of Delta's leadership position in the power conversion marketplace. In addition, DPEL plays a central role in the continuing education of Delta's engineers worldwide by conducting training courses on a variety of power electronics topics.

.....Until 2012, the focus of DPEL's R&D activities had been primarily in the area of performance optimization of AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies for computer and telecom applications. Specifically, by developing state-of-the-art topologies, efficiency optimization methods, and power management techniques, DPEL researchers have made major contributions to improving across-the-load efficiencies of the modern power delivery systems for server, telecom, and portable data-processing equipment.

.....Currently, DPEL work is focused on the development and optimization of advanced power conversion technologies for automotive applications, such as on-board chargers and DC/DC converters, as well as EV charging stations.

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